[Sca-cooks] Period Shabbat

Judith Epstein judith at ipstenu.org
Sun Aug 23 10:46:33 PDT 2009

On Aug 23, 2009, at 12:24 PM, David Friedman wrote:

>> On Aug 23, 2009, at 11:07 AM, Robin Carroll-Mann wrote:
>>> You might consider getting into storytelling.  It's a "craft" you  
>>> can do on the Sabbath, and that you can share with others.  Jewish  
>>> folklore has a wealth of possible material in it.
>>> Brighid ni Chiarain
>> It's a good idea, though I don't perform for mixed crowds. Maybe  
>> some storytelling for women's gatherings.
> Hard to organize in the SCA context.
> Is there a religious objection to telling stories to both men or  
> women, or a personal preference?

The religious requirement is just to avoid singing before men. A  
Jewish man is not supposed to hear a woman singing while he can see  
her; videos, recorded music, and the like are forbidden by some  
authorities and permitted by others, so it's a shailah to ask one's  
rav. Dancing before men is also problematic. But when I tell stories,  
I sometimes forget not to sing or dance, so for my sake and the sake  
of any Jewish men who may be there, I avoid all performing before men.


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