[Sca-cooks] P B & J

Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Mon Aug 24 14:45:32 PDT 2009

Sometimes "no thank you" can be just a short polite way saying many 
things that one might not want to really go into or discuss -- such as: 
I'm full, I'm not hungry, I've had enough; I really don't care for XXX 
because it gives me gas, makes me have heartburn, makes me belch, etc.; 
I don't recognize everything that is in that dish and might contain 
something I'm allergic to; I'm watching my calories, carbs, food 
portions; or a variety of other reasons.

I have said "no thank you" many times for those (and other) reasons. It 
wasn't intended to hurt anyone's feelings, make anyone mad, or be rude 
-- it was just a polite short statement on my wishes/feelings.

So a "no thank you", in my opinion, is not automatically intended to be 
rude. Your mileage may vary.

Lynn the Inquisitive

Judith Epstein wrote:
> But when friends come over and someone says "No, thank you" to a dish 
> I know they CAN eat, I can't help but think "How rude."
> J

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