[Sca-cooks] Preserving peaches

Anne-Marie Rousseau dailleurs at liripipe.com
Tue Aug 25 22:02:01 PDT 2009

Ooo! Peaches cooked in wine! We should have that for dessert at Crown. Yes,
yes, we should.....

--AM, who envisions something along the lines of wardyns in syrup but with
peaches, and a nice fruity but dry white wine. I wonder if there's a version
where some spice (ginger? A touch of cinnamon?) might accidentally end up in
it....hmmm occme to think if it, if you braise fruit in white wine, you can
get a nice reduction sauce that rocks the free world even with out adding
spice. Yum!

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For an earlier take there is always De Honesta.
These two "recipes" come from the first five books so are not included in
Martino, etc. 

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