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Helen wrote:
>This thread reminds me of a Minister of Music we had in one of Dad's 
>Churches. He was new to the South Louisiana area, fresh out of the 
>seminary, and yes, we were his first church.
>Mother and Dad had asked him to dinner one evening.?Dad went out to 
>the boats, just as they had pulled in. He picked up shrimp and 
>oysters and hurried home.
>Imagine coming home to a dinner of fresh fried shrimp and oysters, 
>with Hushpuppies, homemade cole slaw-The Works. Mother created 
>something special.
>The Young Man sat down at the table and looked at the plate that 
>mother sat before him..."Can I have a cheeseburger, instead?"
>No, he was not allergic to seafood. Come to find out, if he didn't 
>want what his Mother fixed, she would cook a second meal, just for 
>40 plus years later, Mother still gets a certain look in her eye 
>when she talks about it....

I'll eat his servings! Man, that sounds good!

And i don't blame your mother one little bit! Fresh out of seminary 
is still old enough to know better. Did they cook burgers just for 
him in the seminary too?

And G. Tacitus Adamantius replied
>And this is why, at times, the specialite de la maison should be
>crocque-monsieur des articulations... also known as a knuckle sandwich.

Good thing i didn't have a mouthful of coffee when i read this.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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