[Sca-cooks] Edible Violet Water?-Lavender

Jill B ldygab at msn.com
Wed Aug 26 15:32:26 PDT 2009

There is a lavender that is called a "culinary" lavender that you can use to cook with to your hearts content :)  I make jam, tea, cookies, cakes and all sorts of sweet things and use it on pork and chicken.  Also, Herbs de Provence has lavender in it.  

HL Gabrielle/An Tir


> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 18:07:58 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Edible Violet Water?
> This recipe or group of recipes calls for fresh flowers (or that's what I
> assume from the text). I am assuming also that it would be ok to use dried
> lavender, reducing the quantity used as we do for other dried vs. fresh
> herbs.
> I do use dried lavender in my Scotch Flower Cordial (along with rose hips,
> elderflower and pot marigold). It works very well...and I haven't poisoned
> anyone yet!
> Kiri

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