[Sca-cooks] Edible Violet Water?

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Not a place to buy, but this page has an easy violet water recipe:

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> I have some violet extract which is used for cooking.  It isn't violet
> water by any means.
> I have found a place in Cleveland OH that sells either Violet flavor or
> Violet oil.  They are called Bickfords.  They claim that everything that
> "Through the years, we have maintained our high standards and know you
> will find our excellent customer service, honesty and, most importantly,
> our products to be of superior quality. We service restaurants, caterers,
> health food stores and many fine food manufacturers. Our "little bottles
> of natural goodness" are shipped in a variety of sizes ranging from one
> ounce to a 55-gallon drum. The flavors contain no added alcohol, sugar or
> salt and are Kosher certified. All this makes them very popular with
> gourmet retailers and anyone requiring special diets."
> http://www.bickfordflavors.com/onlineordering.asp
> Their water-soluble violet flavoring sells for $3.09 for 1 oz + $8.95
> shipping.  Their violet oil, which is supposed to be stronger in flavor,
> is $7.95 + $8.95 shipping.  
> I hope that this helps.
> I picked up some Kewda Water, because it called itself Iris Water.  But
> looking it up, it really isn't made from iris.  Have you had experience
> using Kewda water?
> Huette
> PS: please write me privately about my snoods?  Thanks.
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>> Without repeating my post to the
>> other list in its entirety, here's what i hope is the
>> gist...
>> While there are many flowers in the Genus Viola, only one
>> has the fragrance used in cuisine, confectionery, and
>> perfumery. That is Viola odorata, aka Sweet Violet and
>> English Violet, which lends its odor and flavor to violet
>> syrups, violet candies and candied violets (two different
>> things), as well as violet eau de toilette and violet
>> perfume.
>> Alas, Viola odorata does not grow naturally or happily in
>> Southern or Northern California, where i live.
>> Viola sororia is the species that grows commonly in the
>> American East and Midwest, and is the state flower of
>> Illinois, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. It looks
>> lovely but lacks the fragrance of Viola odorata.
>> A number of Viola species are grown here in California,
>> such as heartsease (Viola tricolor) and pansies (Viola x
>> wittrockiana). And they are edible. I've purchased them and
>> used them in salads and as garnishes on dishes. But while
>> they look lovely, they have little fragrance and they are
>> not the violets used to give violet flavor and violet
>> fragrance.
>> So, while "recipes" for making one's own violet water may
>> help those living in the right climate and with the skill
>> and land to grow Viola odorata, they won't help me :-(
>> That's why i'm looking for edible violet water i can
>> purchase.
>> I have found some violet syrups available for Internet
>> purchase. Unfortunately one costs $33 for a tad over 8 oz.
>> Another (Monin brand) is reasonably priced at $9 for around
>> 16 oz. But shipping is more than $7, pushing the price of
>> the reasonable one to over $16, which i think is too much.
>> Some local shops sell Monin brand and they're willing to
>> special order and sell me a *case* of violet syrup, but,
>> well, i don't want to part with over $50 for something i'm
>> not likely to ever use it. And i can't convince enough ocal
>> cooks to go in on a case with me.
>> -- Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
>> the persona formerly known as Anahita
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