[Sca-cooks] Edible Violet Water?

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Wed Aug 26 18:46:55 PDT 2009

>Not a place to buy, but this page has an easy violet water recipe:
>toodles, margaret

Only easy if one has access to Sweet Violets/English Violets, aka 
Viola Odorata, which i cannot get here in California.

as i wrote:
>  >> While there are many flowers in the Genus Viola, only one
>>>  has the fragrance used in cuisine, confectionery, and
>>>  perfumery. That is Viola odorata, aka Sweet Violet and
>  >> English Violet
>  >> Alas, Viola odorata does not grow naturally or happily in
>  >> Southern or Northern California, where i live.
>  >> So, while "recipes" for making one's own violet water may
>>>  help those living in the right climate and with the skill
>>>  and land to grow Viola odorata, they won't help me :-(
>>>  That's why i'm looking for edible violet water i can
>  >> purchase.

Again, this is good for those who can grow Viola odorata - but beware 
of the beautiful, but comparatively scentless Viola sororia - it's 
edible and looks lovely, but won't scent your water.

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