[Sca-cooks] Edible Flower Waters

Mary + Doug Piero Carey mary.doug at pierocarey.info
Thu Aug 27 08:18:34 PDT 2009

Oooh, yes, what does one do with that?  My bottle says:
product of India

on the front, and

Marque de Key
Eau de Iris

on the back along with some Arabic lettering.  It is labeled as coming 
from Bombay.  It's very lightly vegetative & floral smelling.  I grabbed 
it at an Indian speciality shop that I almost never get a chance to go 
in.  I asked the clerk if it was used like the orange flower & rose 
waters that it was shelved with, and he said yes, but I'm not at all 
certain he understood my question!  He definitely didn't have answers to 
my other questions about some of the other foodstuffs.  I'm pretty sure 
he could have told me EVERYTHING about their line of Bollywood videos.  
But cooking, not so much.  <grin>

Mary, who grabs rare items first, and worries about usage later


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