[Sca-cooks] Copyright commentary

Debra Hense/Kateryn de Develyn nickiandme at att.net
Fri Aug 28 10:20:47 PDT 2009

Okay, I've recently came across this when I just happened to be surfing the net recently.  I spotted my very own handout (author removed) on the Ravenwood Archery site. (It's the feast planning link.) I wrote them and asked them to add my name as the author as it was my paper they quoted word for word, examples and all.  
Instead of doing that - they had someone go through and rewrite it a bit, changing some of the sentences around and rewriting some of the examples (not all of them). Adding some onlline links and a more extensive bibliography.  It still follows my outline, it still uses much of my original material/writing.  
I've just now written and asked that they either add my name as original author or to remove the link from their site until they could have someone write their own paper without using my outline or anything from my original class handout.  We'll see what that does.
Why is it so hard for some people to just give credit where credit is due?

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