[Sca-cooks] food likes and dislikes and ettiquette

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Fri Aug 28 11:31:17 PDT 2009

jenne at fiedlerfamily.net wrote:
>> Not necessarily.  I consider it the responsibility of feastgoers to
>> contact the cook (or steward, or booking agent) about their food issues
>> before the feast, but I pretty much never provide a menu in advance.
>> It's not the norm here to publish ahead.  It *is* the norm here for all
>> feast-goers to pre-book.
> Interkingdom Anthropology note:
> Wow. That's... odd. I mean, it sounds like people are buying a pig in a
> poke, with no idea what kind of food they'll get at all, unless they
> contact you about allergies? 

Nope.  They know it will be delicious and varied, and that there will be 
plenty to go 'round. I don't actually have menu discussions with the 
"food issues" folks either-- normally, I just get a list forwarded by 
the steward and go from there.

> I know that was the norm early in my SCA
> career (I think) but it's kinda wierd now. I know more picky eaters, too,
> and some of them will come to a feast based on the cook's reputation, but
> mostly they do look at the menu to see if there will be stuff they eat. I
> guess not having a menu keeps the pickier eaters away, which could be a
> benefit, though.

*shrug* I only know one or two people so fussy they couldn't enjoy a 
feast, and in those cases, I doubt they could enjoy any feast-- they 
aren't SCAdians, by the way :-)

This *is* a barony extremely keen on good food-- according to my 
frequent co-cook Taddea, you can recognise people from Southron Gaard by 
their tendancy to stuff food into their mouths and *then* ask what it is.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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