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 One of the fundamental aspects of the period humeral approach to food is that generally the individual will instinctively know what is best for them to eat and thus the goal of the cook is to provide a broad range of dishes allowing each guest to select that most agreeable to them.? Ealdred



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>> Not necessarily.  I consider it the responsibility of feastgoers to?

>> contact the cook (or steward, or booking agent) about their food issues?

>> before the feast, but I pretty much never provide a menu in advance.?

>> It's not the norm here to publish ahead.  It *is* the norm here for all?

>> feast-goers to pre-book.?



> Interkingdom Anthropology note:?


> Wow. That's... odd. I mean, it sounds like people are buying a pig in a?

> poke, with no idea what kind of food they'll get at all, unless they?

> contact you about allergies? ?

Nope.  They know it will be delicious and varied, and that there will be 
plenty to go 'round. I don't actually have menu discussions with the 
"food issues" folks either-- normally, I just get a list forwarded by 
the steward and go from there.?

> I know that was the norm early in my SCA?

> career (I think) but it's kinda wierd now. I know more picky eaters, too,?

> and some of them will come to a feast based on the cook's reputation, but?

> mostly they do look at the menu to see if there will be stuff they eat. I?

> guess not having a menu keeps the pickier eaters away, which could be a?

> benefit, though.?

>   ?

*shrug* I only know one or two people so fussy they couldn't enjoy a 
feast, and in those cases, I doubt they could enjoy any feast-- they 
aren't SCAdians, by the way :-)?

This *is* a barony extremely keen on good food-- according to my 
frequent co-cook Taddea, you can recognise people from Southron Gaard by 
their tendancy to stuff food into their mouths and *then* ask what it is.?

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