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Sat Aug 29 11:39:59 PDT 2009

OK, so the recipes i've put up on my website are given for the number 
of people i actually cooked for: 60 - 80 - 150. I have offered to 
convert them for smaller groups and someone has finally taken me up 
on my offer.

Now, when i'm doing all the cooking on site on the day of the event, 
one of the first projects is to get all the fruits and vegetable 
peeled and cut up before the cooking starts. For example, mass 
quantities of onions will be chopped, and we'll scoop them up by the 
cup for the recipes.

So this person is asking for recipes that include onions, and i'm 
trying to figure out how many onions she'll need. I realize that, 
thank goodness, onions do not come in a completely standardized size. 
But i'm hoping to get an estimate from some of you wise and esteemed 

(Drum Roll) and the question is:

How many cups of chopped onions does one large-ish yellow onion make?


Yes, i could do it myself. But i have no onions at the moment. And 
taking a bus trip to the market for one onion is time-consuming and 
expensive, and the walk is sometimes painful, so i thought i'd ask 
here first...

Thanks in advance,
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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