[Sca-cooks] OT Judith has an SCA name!

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Dec 1 00:35:41 PST 2009

D'vorah said:

<<< 1. Registerability of only documentable names:
I'm checking the name with the SCA Heralds list. The ruling I'm  
relying on is "establish that the name you want fits within a
pattern of naming for your applicable time/place." >>>

Good. This is a good source if you can interest them in looking for  
you. And yes, while it is easiest to choose from a recognized list of  
approved names, other evidence from reputable sources is accepted.

Jaume replied to her with:
<<< On the other hand, the existance of another Devorah is good news for
you, since the heralds will insist on a period name, and maybe a
period spelling, but for a name whose period spellings are in other
alphabets, modern transliterations appear to be the norm rather than
the exception - Japanese personas, for example, frequently have h's
and k's in their names rather than f's and c's. If you can figure out
what her documentation for the name was, it might well be applicable
for your persona as well. >>>

Don't be overly concerned about the exact spelling. Spelling in period  
was often inexact, although the invention of the printing press helped  
solidify it. There are period documents where the same name is spelled  
three different ways. In the same document. There is a well-known name  
herald locally, Daniel de Lincoln, who often spells his name  
differently in different email messages, to prove the point. So, even  
if they will only pass "Devorah" but you wish to spell it "D'vorah",  
get it passed with one spelling but just use the other yourself.

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