[Sca-cooks] Il famoso convito 1561

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 3 14:15:46 PST 2009

>Woah!  Something caught my eye on this.  Take a look at the page at the
>URL below:
>At the top of the page, first column, the first two entries are
>"Broccoli" and "Fiore di cauoli", which I assume are broccoli and
>It's nice to see them listed separately in a book printed in 1561,
>especially considering how recently the myth was going around on the
>internet that broccoli was invented in the 1700s by ancestors of Albert
>Broccoli (producer of the Bond films).
>This is one of the earliest references I've seen to broccoli.
>Thanks for posting the link.
>- Doc

I thought Pliny had mentioned broccoli ... or was he referring to another plant?

What also caught my eye is that middle column; citron with rosewater and sugar. That actually sounds quite yummy, come to think of it, since citrons can be a little bitter.

What exactly are "Raffani alla Ongaresca?" I translate that as horseradishes Hungarian-style; do they mean grated, pickled horseradish, served as a sauce or condiment to the other food? 

"Olive spaccate" - split olives? How nice, they took the stones out so you didn't break your teeth or have to crudely spit them out!


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