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> 1.  What dishes and/or foods will make you want to go and feast?

Dishes based upon recipes dated between 1000-1600, with pre-1500 being
added incentive.

> 2.  What don't you like to see served at a feast?

Potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum peppers, chocolate, green beans, squash,
turkey.  Basically, any new-world foods.
Oh, and honey butter.  I like honey butter, but I would be overjoyed if
I never saw it (or a lame rationalization for serving it) at another SCA
feast for the rest of my life.

> 3.  What would you like to see served more at feast?

Dishes based upon recipes dated between 1000-1500.

> 4.  How many courses do you think is a proper feast?

More than one.

> 5.  What is your favorite country or region to taste dishes from?

Fourteenth and fifteenth century England & France.

> 6.  Would you want to see other country's period dishes represented that are
> beyond the traditional SCA borders? (Chinese, Arabic,etc.)

No.  I believe that the farther you go from Europe, the less the words
"medieval" and "middle ages" have any real meaning.  I'm fascinated by
historic cuisines from all over the world, but I'd prefer to try them in
a context other than the SCA.

- Doc

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