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--On Monday, December 07, 2009 3:49 PM -0600 Michael Gunter
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>> 5. What is your favorite country or region to taste dishes from?
> I have started to use a lot of German recipes. I think they flow more
> with modern tastes. Period Spanish food is totally different and a
> bit weird but I like it. I love period Italian but it doesn't get served
> often.

Which is too bad (that Italian doesn't get cooked/served more often, I
mean) -- period Italian is my favorite, both to cook and to eat. There's
lots of good period, translated, sources available, and researching/cooking
and eating it is like opening up the culinary box of crayolas and finding
the full 64 colors (rather than the 8 color English box -- English being
more of a challenge because of a narrower vegetable and spice pallete).
Eating it (vs English, just to carry on the analogy) is the difference
between a finely done fresco and an exquisite miniature.  Both lovely when
done right.

toodles, margaret

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