[Sca-cooks] I posed these questions to my kingdom....

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Dec 7 20:39:19 PST 2009

> 1.  What dishes and/or foods will make you want to go and feast?

Rather than any dishes or foods, I prefer a feast prepared by a cook with a 
reputation for preparing good food.  I would prefer period fare, but I find 
edibility more attractive than historical accuracy.

> 2.  What don't you like to see served at a feast?

Burnt soup, semi-raw chicken, etc.  If historical accuracy or historical 
verisimilitude is being attempted, then foods that represent temporal or 
spatial discontinuities, are not appropriate.  I particularly detest 
capsicum peppers (the wife is allergic).

> 3.  What would you like to see served more at feast?

Fish, as long as the cook has the touch to prepare it well.

> 4.  How many courses do you think is a proper feast?

That is dependent on the menu and the stucture of the feast in evoking 
further ambiance at the event.  Personally, I often use 3 courses, which 
corresponds with the Roman gustium, mensa primus and mensa secundus or the 
three course dinners of Catherine de Medici.

> 5.  What is your favorite country or region to taste dishes from?

Immaterial, but I favor feasts that represent a specific time and place 
(Elizabethean, 15th Century Northern Italian, etc.).

> 6.  Would you want to see other country's period dishes represented that 
> are
> beyond the traditional SCA borders? (Chinese, Arabic,etc.)

I have no particular problem with food from any culture, but I've seen far 
too many feasts try to palm of modern ethnic cooking as "period."  And much 
of that fare hasn't been particularly good.

> Thank you for your time and participation on this research.
> Lady Carres Sabran (Sabra)
> Barony of Dragonsspine*


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