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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Dec 7 23:32:56 PST 2009

Brother Selewine said:
<<<  My cunning planis to prepare 3 removes each representing some  
different culture or region that would have been found in  
Constantinople.  I have chosen India, Greece and the Middle East for  
my areas.  I am looking for some items to add to my menu, particularly  
some period chutney or relish recipes from India and some Greek  
Savouries.  I have already 6 dessert items from the Miiddle East  
including Iranian, Jewish and a couple that just seem to be found all  
over the region.  >>>

Are you looking for items from a particular time period? I'm assuming  

I have these files in the FOOD-BY-REGION section might be of use.
E-Arab-recip-art  (48K)  3/23/03    Early Arab recipes prior to the  
13th Century by Anahita.
fd-Byzantine-msg  (38K)  3/16/08    Food of medieval Byzantine.  
fd-Greece-msg     (26K)  3/16/08    Food of medieval Greece. references.
    (the comments have been that Greecian food would have likely been  
fairly similar to that of Bysantine, though)

There is some question when dolmas came to be made in Greece and  
whether they are period or not.
grape-leaves-msg  (31K) 12/24/04  Use of grape leaves in cooking.  

<<< I would be particularly interested in a recipe for a brined cheese  
such as feta that I can make myself without two many wildly exotic  
recipes. >>>

I can't remember if I specifically have recipes for brined cheeses and/ 
or feta or not. At least I don't think I have a file specifically on  
these, but I do have a number of files on making cheese and on  
medieval cheeses in the FOOD section.

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