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Ranvaig answered the questionaire, but I wish to quibble over some  
comments and add to others.

<<< I'm not a fan of the "progression" or journey themes, each course in
a different country, it often doesn't do justice to any of them. >>>

I generally agree with this. Of course my own luncheons have not done  
a very good job about sticking to a particular time period or single  

<<< 3.  What would you like to see served more at feast?

More veggies  Salad that isn't lettuce.  Good bread, preferably warm.  

But earlier you said "Is the food period?". I happen to prefer warm  
bread myself. But would it have been served warm? Any evidence one way  
or the other? I suspect not, since it only stays warm so long, and in  
many cases I'm not sure it would have even been baked that day.

<<< 4.  How many courses do you think is a proper feast? >>>

Depends upon the cooking facilities. I'm much more understanding of  
outdoor feasts cooked in primitive conditions. Unfortunately our fall  
baronial event has been done that way for the last several years.

  <<< Or Urtatim's Greco-Roman Feast with 23 dishes in 6 courses.  I  
wish I had been there.>>>

Greco-Romn-fst-art(48K) 12/ 7/03  An SCA Greco-Roman feast by Urtatim.

<<< I do like it better when all the dishes of the course are ready
together, and there is a pause between the next course.  And please,
don't serve the sauce 20 mins after everyone finished the dish it was
meant to be served with.>>>

Definitely. And if the course comes out in two sections, please have  
the sauce for that particular section come out with that section. It  
is also nice when the servers know whether something is a sauce or a  
soup and what the sauce is meant to be eaten with.

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