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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Dec 8 04:47:30 PST 2009

This is my updated information  on the topic of the elusive galentine.
It supplements what I just posted on the topic.

Starting with the publication of Constance Hieatt's "Of Pike (and  
Pork) Wallowing in
Galentine" article that appeared in Fish Food from the Waters. Oxford  
Symposium 1997.

Terry Nutter traced all the galentine recipes for the article,  
including versions using lamprey, carp, pork, et cetera and yes there  
is a version that calls for pork or beef!

Appendix A on page 157 lists the French and English recipes.
Appendix B on page 158 charts out all the ingredients that show up in  
the various English
and French recipes.

Wine, for instance, shows up 3 French recipes and in 5 14th century  
English recipes and
in 17 15th century English recipes. Ginger shows up in just over half  
the versions.

(The list is handy because it answers questions as to whether or not  
there was a beef version.
A version calling for beef or pork does turn up in the 14th century.)

There are also various named recipes for soppes galentine and sauces  

Moving ahead to Concordance of English Recipes. Thirteenth through  
Fifteenth Centuries (2006)
galentines are defined as:
"originally a jellied sauce" (<Fr. galantine, Lat. galatina; >  
but it was thickened with bread and spiced, and the name was  
transferred to the sauce whether
jellied or not - often served hot."

There are 34 English 13th-15th century recipes indexed  in the  
galentine section.

Then there are three more 16th century recipes indexed in the  
Appendix. These are from
the Book of Cookery and Dawson's Good Housewife's Jewell.

Lastly, Hieatt has identified another 5 galentine recipes that are  
15th century. Those can be found in
A Gathering of Medieval English Recipes. 2009.

Hope this helps,

Johnnae llyn Lewis

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