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Here in the northern part of Atlantia, if a hall owns tables and chairs they
are included in the rental price.  I've only had to deal with rental tables
a couple of times.  Once was when we served a feast at an outdoor site that
didn't have any tables.  The other was a situation where the tables and
stools were attached (a campground for deaf children) and they were kind of
small for adults.  We did rent tables to be able to serve that event.  But
otherwise, I think we'd be in for a major shock if a site wanted us to rent
the tables and chairs separately.

Usually kitchen rental is included as well.  However we do have one really
great site that requires separate rental fees for each room at the site.
Gets to be fun when you're running a large event and want to use all of
their rooms!  And...for a small additional fee, they will let us use their
pots, pans, etc. in the kitchen!


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> > Maybe this is a bit of interkingdom differences, but how
> >many of you  have to rent tables separately from the hall
> >for your events?
> it is a particular venue in albuquerque.  you tell them
> how many chairs and tables you need (and this is for a
> large feast, anywhere from 250 to 300 feasters).  you get
> the building, which is hall and kitchen, and then they
> nickle and dime you from there on for the bar, parking,
> etc.
> i assume this probably exists other places in the Known
> World.
> cailte>>>
> There is a place in Standing Stones that wasn't used because tables and
> chairs are extra ($10 per table and $20 per 10 set of chairs. This was
> years
> ago and the site most likely fell off the list of places to consider. And
> there is another place that used to give you 5 tables and eight chairs per
> table with the hall and if more was needed it would cost extra. The place
> was sold a few years back and I have no clue what the policy is now.
> Otherwise most halls include whatever amount of tables and chairs they have
> available.
> Though come to think of it, for the past 5 years what feasts the Shire has
> had most have been outdoors under a pavilion and maybe one or two in a
> small
> campground hall that sat maybe 30 - 40 folks.
> De
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