[Sca-cooks] Question for Adamantius?

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Tue Dec 8 16:40:18 PST 2009

>Not directly, but this was a question about my personal preferences, 
>which are colored by my experience. I see more modern Asian and 
>Middle Eastern food at events than I do modern French or Italian 
>food. Presumably there's a fairly easy-to-follow paper trail of 
>documentation if one exists.

I suspect it is in part because there are few SCA historical cooks on 
SCA Middle Eastern email lists, well, other than me and a very few 

Even a Laurel i respect greatly (for clothing, mostly Middle Eastern) 
shares modern recipes when someone asks for recipes :(

When i joined the SCA it appeared to me (perhaps falsely) that most 
SCAdian Middle Easterners wore late 20th c. fantasy garb (i.e., 
American Tribal or some variation thereof, including the egregious 
Ghawazee coat), and very few wore period  or peri-oid garb. I 
promoted period garb, for which I was often criticized. But i didn't 
lash back and i supported my position with facts. And while it still 
appears that the vast majority of SCAdian Middle Easterners still 
wear late 20th c. fantasy garb, i see more and more wearing and 
promoting period garb.

I'm not sure if the same is happening with food, however, despite my 
efforts, since food is rather ephemeral. I have shared recipes 
privately, on this list, on some SCA Middle Eastern lists, and via my 
website. One of my greatest sorrows is that while there are many 
sites with photos of good SCA Middle Eastern garb and a few good 
patterns out there, i feel (perhaps wrongly) that there are fewer 
sites promoting SCA period food. Sure, there are a few cooks working 
in their own regions. But i don't see many publicly available recipes.

I mean no slight to Stefan's Florilegium, which is a wonderful 
resource, but it, too, often ends up providing non-period recipes. 
Some people just don't seem to be able to tell the difference.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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