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Gunthar answered the feast questionaire with:

3. What would you like to see served more at feast?

<<< Background entertainment. Live musicians playing softly in the  
Bards between courses. But not "hostage dinner theater" where you have
to stop all conversation or eating while someone demands attention. >>>

  Yes! This is a good time to catch up with friends I've not seen in a  
while or to meet someone new. Occasional things are okay. But  
personally, I could do without 5 to 10 minutes of Ra-Ra, let's all go  
to Gulf Wars to beat up on the nasty Trimarians etc. And that includes  
in Court, as well.

<<< I'd like to see more correct pies served. >>>

What do you mean by "more correct" pies?

<<< More fish dishes. >>>

Yes! We've had some surprising discussions on this before. More people  
seem to be willing to eat fish than you might at first expect. And for  
those who won't, well there are those who will eat yours. You can have  
my vegetables. :-)

You can find a number of different comments about serving fish in this  
feasts-fish-msg   (50K)  3/ 7/09  Serving fish at SCA feasts.

<<< Vegetables treated with respect. >>>

Huh? Are we supposed to bow to them? Salute them?

<<< Final courses being small nibbles instead of another meal. >>>

I know about banqueting courses, but did this apply to earlier in  
period? Or is this a modern concern rather than a period one?

5. What is your favorite country or region to taste dishes from?

<<< I have started to use a lot of German recipes. I think they flow  
with modern tastes. >>>

How? In what way?

<<< Period Spanish food is totally different and a
bit weird but I like it. >>>

Again, I've not studied these two culture's food/feast style other  
than what I've seen here. If you can give some generalities I'd be  
interested in how they differed from other cultures or from modern  

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