[Sca-cooks] Hello, Intorducing myself

David Herzog norcaldutchovendave at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 9 10:48:49 PST 2009

Hello all,
This it the group I've been looking for thanks to the referral through one of the many yahoo groups I belong to. I'm a Camp Dutch oven Instructor, caterer, and cook book author who has been shanghai'ed into the lead cook position for the house of Klemend Holdt in the Kingdom of Antir. My name is Bakus the Crockist and I see I have lots to learn about period menus and dishes. I hope to gain the knowledge to keep my meals "period" correct. I 'm looking forward to researching the resources listed, recipe, etc. I hav already been asked to provide the feast at a large gathering next may and they want me to bring my competition BBQ to recreate a period version of turducken but to continue stuffing up to a hog. What I have so far is the hog stuffed with a small lamb stuffed with the turkey, duck and chicken. I have calculated cooking time will be 36 to 48 hours at 275 modern degrees F. My first questions are: Is there record of the recipe for this dish and what
 is it called. Was there some sort of stuffing in between each layer of meat or  was this just like a big meat roll?

Although not period in the cooking methods, I love slow roasting prime rib roasts in salt rock and can fit 4 whole primb rib roasts into one of my largest Dutch ovens and cook anything in them that anyone can cook or bake at home including breads, pastries, pies, etc. I also have on hand 8 different sourdough starters and use them often in baking breads (several starters are middle eastern in origin) 

Again, Thank you for letting me join the group and I hope to learn alot here and even contribute also. BTW I have been told "Dutch ovens are not period" I can tell those that do not know that cast Dutch ovens with legs have been used since 5000 BC by the Chinese and are called "Ding" The Spanish also have used them since "the dawn of time" and called them  "marmetta" roughtly translated "tripod pot" meaning they had 3 legs forming the tripod in which to put the fire under the pot. 
Bakus the Crockist of the house Klemend Holdt in the Kingdom of Antir


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