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Hi Brighid!

To answer your question about the Roasted Calf recipe, no, it is not a scribal error.  Re-read the recipe again.  Yes, it does start off with the lamb instructions, but at the end it tells you to take the roasted lamb and stuff it in a calf and roast everything again.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the three recipes that I found for this process has already cooked meats stuffing in raw meats, which are cooked also and then stuffed into another raw meat which is cooked.


--- On Wed, 12/9/09, Robin Carroll-Mann <rcarrollmann at gmail.com> wrote:

> The Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook, which is from 13th c.
> Muslim Spain,
> has some similar recipes, including the only recipe I've
> seen that is
> close to a turducken (ie., with multiple beasts each inside
> the next,
> like Russian nesting dolls).
> Roast Calf, which was made for the Sayyid Abu al-'Ala in
> Ceuta[6]
> Take a young, plump lamb, skinned and cleaned. Make a
> narrow opening
> between the thighs and carefully take out everything inside
> of it of
> its entrails. Then put in the interior a roasted goose and
> into its
> belly a roasted hen and in the belly of the hen a roasted
> pigeon and
> in the belly of the pigeon a roasted starling and in the
> belly of this
> a small bird, roasted or fried, all this roasted and
> greased with the
> sauce described for roasting. Sew up this opening and place
> the ram in
> a hot tannur and leave it until it is done and browned.
> Paint it with
> that sauce and then place it in the body cavity of a calf
> which has
> been prepared clean; sew it up and place it in the hot
> tannur and
> leave it until it is done and browned; then take it out and
> present
> it.
> http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Andalusian/andalusian1.htm#Heading25
> I don't know why the recipe title says "Roast Calf", but
> the recipe
> itself begins with a lamb.  Scribal error?
> Brighid ni Chiarain
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