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I don't think that is the case...I think, rather, that Arabic (as in the
collection from Perry) equates to Persian...


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> Adamantius wrote:
>> We've got at least one Laurel here who actively promotes the premise that,
>> according to her correspondence with real-live, actual Persians, Persian
>> cooking has not changed significantly in 500 years.
>> Well, there you go. Their use of things like capsicums and tomatoes must
>> have evolved independently from the European voyages of exploration
>> beginning in the late 15th century...
> I've got photocopies of the two surviving Safavid Persian cookbooks, one
> from the early 16th c. and the other barely early 17th. I just can't read
> Persian, or i'd be working on them.
> I've read references to these books in scholarly articles, which provide
> general discussions of the cookbooks and recipes. Apparently one of the
> books is almost entirely pilaf/pilao recipes, that is, rice cooked with meat
> and other ingredients, which are typical of the wealthy only, while the
> other presents remarkably detailed recipes from a royal kitchen. Clearly the
> modern scholars read the books but never considered it worthwhile to
> translate them into any Western European language and publish them :(
> What i want to know is how that SCAdian knows what SCA-period Persian
> cuisine was like, since few real-live, actual Persians were alive in SCA
> period to report back. And as far as i can tell from my contacts, few
> real-live, actual Persians have read historical Persian cookbooks. Basically
> she's supporting the old canard that traditional equals historical. Sigh.
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