[Sca-cooks] ME cookbook sources, was Question for Adamantius?

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Wed Dec 9 13:02:51 PST 2009

Katja wrote:
>The head cook for al-Hafla contacted me about two months ago for 
>recipe ideas (he's a Laurel in our kingdom for period fishing, but 
>he's also a marvelous cook and certainly wants to do period, not 
>modern dishes, for a feast).


>I sent him the list of available Middle Eastern and Near Eastern 
>resources from Cariadoc's Islamic Cooking class, plus pointed him to 
>several online webpages of menus & redactions of period recipes 
>(several from our barony, as well as Urtatim's lucious ones).

(Blush) Thanks for the compliment. And i hope to get back to 
Pennsic... i enjoyed our conversation!

You may already have pointed the cooks to it, but just in case or for 
those who don't know, i also have a source list
which also has links to online sources i know of.

>So, I hope and expect the food to be period or at least plausibly 
>based on period resources

I hope the menu gets posted to some list i'm on... i've already heard 
a little about the hafla.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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