[Sca-cooks] Hello, Intorducing myself

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 9 13:47:45 PST 2009

>Sew up this opening and place the ram in
>a hot tannur and leave it until it is done and browned. Paint it with
>that sauce and then place it in the body cavity of a calf which has
>been prepared clean; sew it up and place it in the hot tannur and
>leave it until it is done and browned; then take it out and present
>I don't know why the recipe title says "Roast Calf", but the recipe
>itself begins with a lamb.  Scribal error?
Because the calf ends up on the outside, even though the recipe 
starts in the middle.

I've heard of a recipe that has a whole camel on the outside... I 
don't remember the source though.


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