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Bakus the Crockist posted his introduction to this list.

Greetings Bakus, welcome to the SCA-Cooks list!

I have saved some messages on cooking period foods in a Dutch oven and  
suggestions on what items do well cooked this way. When my time  
permits I will be creating a Florilegium message (-msg) file from this.

<<< I hav already been asked to provide the feast at a large gathering  
next may and they want me to bring my competition BBQ to recreate a  
period version of turducken but to continue stuffing up to a hog. What  
I have so far is the hog stuffed with a small lamb stuffed with the  
turkey, duck and chicken. I have calculated cooking time will be 36 to  
48 hours at 275 modern degrees F. My first questions are: Is there  
record of the recipe for this dish and what
is it called. Was there some sort of stuffing in between each layer of  
meat or?  >>>

Johnnae replied with:
<<< Stefan has a file in the Florilegium http://www.florilegium.org/  
meat-stuffed-msg - 4/20/05
Period recipes for various things stuffed into a meat shell. Farced
meat. >>>

Thanks, Johnnae. I'm not sure if you were thinking of just stuffing  
inside meat, which is what I was originally thinking was all that was  
in this file, or of the stuffed camel story, which it turns out, I did  
put in this file. So yes, if you are wishing to outdo the period folks  
you may have to scale things up a bit. :-) .  And yes, there are some  
sources in the Florilegium for camel. I don't think it is whole, though.

 From that file:
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 13:45:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Stephen Bloch <sbloch at adl15.adelphi.edu>
Subject: Re: SC - lamb recipe

 > Once upon a time we had a cooking workshop (this was in the days  
when we
 > wondered how practical 'field cooking' was. In my Backyard, over an  
 > fire, I prepared the following recipe (with changes as noted)
 > Take one camel. (I couldn't find anywhere to take it from, so I  
 > that bit. Plus we were feeding 20 people, all of whom were cooking
 > something. It seemed like overkill.)
 > Take one sheep   (which I did. without the neck opened. The butcher
 > kindly got me one like that)
 > Stick it in the camel (No camel. Well, what can you do)
 > Take some ducks, geese, or chickens. (I got some chickens, and a  
buch of
 > bits as well.)
 > Put capons or quail in them. (quail went into chickens, ducks got  
 > filled with chicken breast)
 > fill the rest with rice, pistachios, sultanas, figs and some other  
nut (I
 > forget. I partially cooked the rice first)
 > Put it on a spit over the fire, and cook it.
 > What was amazing was that over about 8 hours, we ate nearly all the  
 > all the quails and most of the rest. It was really good.
 > Unfortuantely I don't have any documentation.

I'm glad to see that somebody has actually tried this.  Here's your
documentation.  The following appears in the 13th-century Arabo-
Andalusian _Manuscrito Anonimo_, and is reprinted in Cariadoc's
Collection, volume II:

Roast Calf, which was made for the Sayyid Abu-L-'Ala in Ceuta

Take a young, plump ram, skinned and cleaned; open it deeply between
the thighs and carefully take out all the entrails that are in its
belly.  Then put in the interior a stuffed goose and into its belly a
stuffed hen and in the belly of the hen a stuffed pigeon and in the
belly of the pigeon a stuffed thrush and in the belly of this a small
bird, stuffed or fried, all this stuffed and sprinkled with the sauce
described for stuffing; sew up this opening and place the ram in a hot
tannur  and leave it until it is browned and ready; sprinkle it with
that sauce and then place it in the body cavity of a calf which has
been prepared clean; sew it up and place it in the hot tannur  and
leave it until it is done and browned; then take it out and present

                                         mar-Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha- 
                                                  Stephen Bloch
                                            sbloch at  

From: "Marcus Antaya" <mjantaya at home.com>
To: <sca-cooks at ansteorra.org>
Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Massively expensive feast WAS: Smithsonian  
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 12:19:40 -0400

The actual recipie (and I do have it somewhere) is

52 Hard Boiled Eggs
26 Chickens
2 goats
1 camel

put 2 eggs per chicken, put the chickens equally in the goat (or  
sheep) and
stuff all into camel.  Roast on a spit for 2 days...

it's a bedouin wedding feast. Documentable, I think....grin

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:20:44 -0800
From: Susan Fox-Davis <selene at earthlink.net>
To: sca-cooks at ansteorra.org
Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] roasting meat question

 > A while back I read about a feast where they roasted a steer,  
stuffed with a
 > deer, stuffed with a pig, then a lamb, then a goose, then a ......  
I am sure
 > none of this is in the right order, but it was a bunch of animals,  
a smaller
 > one in the cavity of the next larger, and so on and so on, etc.
 > Question..Does anyone have any idea what I am referring to? Any  
idea where
 > or even how I would check?
 > Isabella

Culinary Taxidermy - stuffing foods with other foods

Whole Stuffed Camel recipe from Saudi Arabia

Camel stuffed with lambs stuffed with chickens stuffed with eggs, rice  
in any
space that was left


Illustrated procedure for the Turducken

Know that I mean it in the nicest possible way when I say:  get stuffed!

Best, Selene Colfox

<<< was this just like a big meat roll? >>>

Naw. That's a different file. :-)

meat-rolled-msg   (20K)  2/ 7/02  Period dishes of meat rolled with a  

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