[Sca-cooks] 16th Century recipes for Chocolate

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Dec 10 01:18:18 PST 2009

Jaume replied to my message about a pre-1600 chocolate recipe in my  
chocolate-msg file.

<<< Really? Excellent! Wadsworth's "Indian Drinke" version is the  
I'd ever even heard mentioned, and I'd heard it was the earliest, but
maybe that's just because it's the best known old one. >>>

Yes, I notice that that recipe keeps popping up repeatedly in my file.  
But toward the end there are a number of other early 1600 recipes that  
I think, were earlier than this "Indian Drinke" one. That one may be  
the most detailed, though. So check the file. Since you specifically  
asked for a pre-1600 recipe I didn't try to detail the others in my  

Thanks for your comments on this recipe. I'll add them to this file.  
But if you come up with a more studied redaction, I'd love to have that.

I bought some cocoa nibs when I saw them available at Central Market,  
but I've not tried to make anything with them, yet. They also had  
chocolate-covered cocoa nibs.:-)

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