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On Dec 10, 2009, at 8:00 AM, Terry Decker wrote:

> Hagfish are eaten in Korea, but most people find them too ugly and slimey to be considered food.  I think you'll find lampreys are the scourge of the Great Lakes rather than hagfish, although I would not be surprised to find both there as both are found in seawater and fresh water with many of the species being marine critters that breed in freshwater.  There are some freshwater varieties of lamprey.
> In Europe most lamprey were taken by seining, as shown in Campi's The Fish Seller.
> If I were looking for lamprey in the U.S., I think I would look for an oriental market that carried fish.

I've never seen them, but I have seen eels and those other great Midwestern and Great Lakes staples, fresh whitefish and walleye. The last I heard was that you could get them (lampreys) frozen from Canada.


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