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Actually, there is a recipe about how to cook a wolf that's in "A Soup for
the Qan.":

*32.Roast Wolf Soup*

Ancient *pen-ts'ao* do not include entries on wolf meat.  At present we
state that its nature is heating.  It treats asthenia.  I hae never heard
that it is poinonous for those eating it.  In the case of the present recipe
we use spices to help its flavor.  It warms the five internal organs and
warms the center.

Wolf meat (leg; bone and cut up), tsaoko cardamoms (three), black pepper
(five *c'ien*), *kasni* (one *ch'ien*), turmeric (two *chi'en*),
*za'faran *(one

Boil ingredients together into a soup.  Adjust flavors of everything using
onions, sauce, salt and vinegar.

So...yes, wolf recipes do exist, at least in Mongol foodways!


On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:17 PM, Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:

> My son is fixing dinner for friends tonight to celebrate his birthday. He
> sent me this recipe to check out:
> http://www.howtocookawolf.com/
> by the way son if half vegetarian! :-)
> My kitten is celebrating his graduation becoming a cat with his first
> birthday as well today. He stole some lamb thawing on the counter to
> celebrate his happy birthday and is now sleeping like a lamb. He is the
> happiest kitty I have ever known. I don't think he has had an unhappy minute
> in his life in spite of this tragic beginnings. He is a little doll who does
> nothing but smile and purr. - Just like my son.
> They are great. They know how to appreciate love, friendship and food.
> Suey
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