[Sca-cooks] pork pies

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Dec 11 13:38:17 PST 2009

--On Friday, December 11, 2009 4:28 PM -0500 devra at aol.com wrote:

> When I took a cooking workshop with Ivan Day several years ago (hi, Alys,
> Johanne, Guilliane, Susan!) we made what I guess were chewettes, although
> I thought of them as raised pies.  Ivan had several wooden forms, which
> looked rather like dashers or plungers, and we raised the dough up around
> them to make the pie.  An amusing side note: we ran out of time and
> weren't able to prepare the filling, so we stuffed the crust with tea
> towels in order to have the experience of fitting on the lids.

My friend Philip and I made chewettes for a vigil this summer. Working from
the photos on Ivan Day's website, we used a muffin tin to shape the crust.
Turned out pretty well, although shaping around rather than into a form
sounds better! (easier too)

toodles, margaret

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