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Mon Dec 14 15:01:07 PST 2009

You can start from scratch - you just need the little "critters", milk and a
heat stable situation - they sell yogurt makers.

If not - you can start with regular American plain yogurt and you strain it
to get out a lot of the water because as I understand - Greek yogurt is much
thicker than the stuff Dannon makes.  Sorry - don't mean to pick on Dannon -
any "regular" yogurt.  So, draining the commercial stuff (or small boutique
stuff) allows it to get thicker and more like Greek.

I think that's the difference.

I've been thinking of getting a yogurt maker but I go on binges where I eat
it and then I stop so I don't know if it's worth having a unitasker like
that in the house.

I will say that we got a thermapen for Hanukkah last night - boy is that
fun!  Water from the fridge was 40F  and the roux was about 210F!!!  Tonight
I think we're opening the big box that says 12 cup Cuisinart on it!  Wonder
what it could be!!  Hope it helps with the potato latkes on Saturday!


On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Stefan li Rous
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> D'vorah said:
> <<< When I make Greek yogurt for myself, I start with Nancy's yogurt, a
> brand I'm not sure is USA-wide; >>>
> Okay. Now, I'm confused.
> What is the difference between "Greek yogurt" and "yogurt"?  I thought it
> was a different process or critter (yeast?) being used. But if that is the
> case, how could you turn one version into the other? And if so, why not
> start with milk instead of another yogurt?
> How do you take Nancy's yogurt, or a substitute and turn it into Greek
> yogurt? I've never made homemade yogurt, and I'm unfamiliar with that
> process.
> Thanks,
>  Stefan
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