[Sca-cooks] Classical Greek Potatoes and Hot Peppers

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Mon Dec 14 16:54:05 PST 2009

>Ian posted:
><<< Well, in that case, I think I should post my recipe for Classical Greek
>Potatoes and Hot Peppers!  jk >>>
>Stefan posted:
><<< Please do. It sounds interesting. And probably within my cooking 
>abilities. >>>
><<< I *think* that was a joke... saying that potatoes and hot peppers
>could be a classic (Greek, I assume) recipe
>Ranvaig >>>
>Okay Ian. I guess you suckered me.
>But "classic" doesn't mean "period". Something "classic" could be 
>only a century or two old. There are a number of classic Italian 
>recipes which include tomato sauce. Or Chinese dishes with capsicum 
>peppers. And Hungarian dishes with paprika.
>Sigh. But it sounded good.

Note the distinction between "classic Greek" and "classical Greek." 
Something a century or two old might be the former but isn't the 

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