[Sca-cooks] Subject: Re: Labneh as a substitute for "cream cheese"

David Herzog norcaldutchovendave at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 07:50:53 PST 2009

Adelisa wrote:
>The talk about cream cheeses made me go look up the ingredients for 
>the package of Ulker brand labneh (Turkish yogurt cheese) I have in 
>the refrigerator now:
>Pasteurized whole milk, milk fat, starter, salt.

I don't doubt that modern Turks use it, or at least sell it in their 
shops in the US, but labneh isn't Turkish, its originated in the 
Arabic speaking world, after all, its name is Arabic. It is common in 
the Levant.

>I took a package of this yesterday and mixed it with garlic pepper, 
>dried dill, and vegetable flakes into a dip for a party; the 
>texture, dare I say it, is virtually identical to good old 
>Philadelphia cream cheese, and the flavor is fresher and better; not 
>quite the tang of plain sour cream or yogurt, but close.

Second, as something of an aficionado of labneh, i wouldn't say it is 
virtually identical to Philly brand; nay, i'd say it is far, far 
superior to that nasty stuff.

Labneh is generally drained yogurt.

I truly dont know if this may be accurate or not as to a useable substitute for " cream cheese" but, its an idea and worked well when I grew up on a very small dairy back in the 1970's. 
My mom would make a cow cheese and used it for cream cheese. she made the cheese and separated the curds and whey. She would put the curds into a food processor or blender then put the soft cheese into her "cheesecake" or what ever she needed the "cream cheese" for. My mothers version was a little grainy but it was real tasty  and worked well. When she gets back home from her vacation I'l ask her for the recipe and see if i can post it in a few days.

I may need a reminder!
Bakus the Crockist of An Tir

PS I'm in Springfield, OR now relocating to K Falls


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