[Sca-cooks] All this talk of pasta sauce/cheese has given me inspiration!

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Dec 15 23:13:24 PST 2009

Sabra said:

<<< I am in the process of organizing the "Whine I can't go to  
Estrella but I
can make Cheese" party.  I have access to all the  free raw cow's milk  
need to make fresh mozzerella and I am going through connections to  
try and
do the same for goat's milk.  I have lined up 2 instructors and if this
little workshop day grows like I think it is, I have access to a place  
a good size kitchen!  but for now, it is slated to be hosted at my home.

I am excited about this because I have wanted to make my own cheese  
for a
long time, so this workshop has come out of selfish reasons that I am  
willing to share! >>>

Wow. I wish I could be there!

Just in case you haven't looked through the various cheese and  
cheesemaking file in the FOOD section of the Florilegium, here are  
some of them.
cheese-lnks       (15K) 10/ 1/04  Links to medieval and modern cheese  
by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
cheese-msg       (186K)  9/23/07  Medieval cheese. Recipes.
fresh-cheeses-msg (52K) 12/29/08  Fresh cheeses such as cream cheese  
and cottage cheese. Non-aged cheeses.
whey-cheeses-msg  (32K)  6/ 1/06  Cheeses such as ricotta made from  
the liquid left after making other cheeses.
cheese-goo-msg    (44K) 10/31/06  Digby's Savory Tosted cheese. melted  
Cheese-Making-art (30K)  9/29/97  "Cheese Making for the Compleat  
Novice" by Lady Aoife Finn.
cheese-soups-msg  (24K)  9/26/09  Period cheese soups. Recipes.
cheesecake-msg    (52K)  1/12/08  Medieval cheesecake. Recipes.
cheesemaking-msg (160K)  2/ 9/08  Comments and info. on cheesemaking.  
larded-milk-msg   (20K) 11/ 8/05  Larded milk. A fried, fresh cheese  

   (Just in case your not limiting yourself to cheese after some of  
the recent conversations)
clotted-cream-msg (36K) 12/15/04  Clotted cream products. Devonshire  
Dairy-Prodcts-art (26K)  4/27/09  "1450 Flanders Dairy Challenge" by  
Lady Hrosvitha von Celle (Vitha).

It sounds like you've solved your source problems, but just in case,  
or for others who are visiting and wondering about drinking/using raw  
raw-milk-msg      (12K)  9/24/06  Finding and using raw milk.

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