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Wed Dec 16 11:18:43 PST 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 4:00 PM, aoife at cableone.net <aoife at cableone.net> wrote:
> I am in search of a recipe that was in The Knowne World Handbook.

I found it in the Florilegium:

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FINNISH BERRY PUDDING (from Knowne World Handbook - I think it may be a
"modernized" variation of a Scottish dessert that involves oatmeal and
berries, but I'm not sure)
Ingredients:  3 cups strawberry or raspberry puree
	       4-6 Tbsp sugar
	       1/2 cup UNCOOKED Cream of Wheat
Special utensils: Electric beater
Quantity: 3-4 times the recipe feeds 60.
- - Bring puree to a boil over moderate heat and add sugar.  Add cream of wheat
and stir continuously.  Reduce heat and cook for 3-6 minutes, until mixture
becomes a thick puree.
- - Transfer to a large bowl.  Whip with an electric beater at high speed until
doubles in bulk and becomes light and fluffy.
- - Serve as soon as possible.  Delicious with a little whipped cream.  No one
would believe the ingredients if you told them.

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Brighid ni Chiarain

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