[Sca-cooks] about the Settiveli <WAS Re: Grilled lamb intestines, yummy!>

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Wed Dec 16 13:04:10 PST 2009

Apparently the official, real thing is a trade-marked winner of some 
big European Pastry Chef's annual competition, so there isn't likely 
to be an "official" recipe on-line.

Hmm, the inventor of this  [Luca Mannori Prato, Tuscany] is 
interviewed because he's writing a book :
>>...the evolution of the great Setteveli (sevel veils)?
>The Setteveli is the sweet that made me famous, after winning the 
>World [Pastry] Cup in Lyon, in 1997.
the interview: 

A couple of pictures of the item:

and this very good looking attempt at "can I duplicate the picture" 
This was the only working recipe I found, in about 20 minutes?


>This is a fun blog. Great photos too. And if I ever find a recipe 
>for setteveli (a seven layer cake with hazelnut cream, chocolate 
>mousse, pralines, etc.) I will surely share it.
>But back to the lamb guts on a stick, is this popular in other areas 
>of the Meditteranean?

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