[Sca-cooks] Need a good online source for Duck Fat

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 16 18:10:57 PST 2009

>  >>> Anyone know where I can get duck fat
>>>>  for a reasonable price?
>>>>  So far Hudson Valley has the best price at $12.50 for two
>>>>  pounds but the
>>>>  shipping is $27.00.
>>>>  Other ideas? I need about 10 pounds (I am doing 15 pounds
>>>>  of legs!
>  >>> Eduardo

Grimaud Farms in California offers 1 lb for $7.00 and says "In many 
cases, your butcher can order Grimaud Farms Specialty Poultry for 
you. Also, look for our products at the following stores: Andronicos, 
Draeger's Meat, Nugget Markets, Podesto Market, Mollie Stones, Marina 
Market and other quality retailers across the US."  It might be worth 
contacting them.


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