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Lets see, This Sunday mom and I have a date to make the traditional annual poppy seed cake (rolled up layer of dough with layer of poppy seed filling - jelly roll style) We also have a 7lb tin of almond paste to turn into marzipan and then into fruits or potatoes or pigs or toadstools (the latter two are considered luck bringers) probably my gifts this year.

Cailte, your cookies sound amazing, makes me sad I wont be at Midwinter. 

Gwen Cat
needing to clear space in the fridge to let the goose start thawing - YUM

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> > Christmas is a week away and New Years two weeks.
> > 
> you don't know the half of it.  there is not one spot
> it 
> seems in my study not covered with cookies and breads and 
> royal iced cookies hardening.
> Pumpkin bread (mini bundt and muffins), gingerbread 
> muffins (from Traditional Irish Cooking), sugar cookies, 
> ginger cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, chocolate crinkle
> cookies with Andes mints, jam thumbprint cookies (apricot 
> and red plum), oatmeal cookies with dates, golden raisins 
> and candied ginger, coconut macaroons....  can you
> tell i 
> bake for presents?  ;)
> this year, i cut out miniature 1 inch stars from the 
> ginger cookie dough, and put them in a baggie with some 
> edible gold dust and gently shook
> it.   beautiful!!!!!! 
>  and not a lot of waste on the baggie.  so pretty, i
> took 
> the hearts, and put them in too... and even less waste on 
> the baggie.  the golden brown color of the cookie base
> with the gold is fantastic.
> it's a keeper.
> also cooking a gi-normous pot of green chili stew for 
> WAR!!!!! practice the sunday after midwinter.
> back to the grind.....  where's that fairy dust for
> the 
> snowflakes.....
> cailte
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