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Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 19:17:17 PST 2009

I would be in a coma after all of this...it sounds unbelievable!  And you're
doing this for 60??



On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 9:59 PM, David Walddon <david at vastrepast.com> wrote:

> Most of the details are worked out for New Years.
> Here is the menu as it stands now (below).
> 60 people, sit down. The 10th year we have done it.
> If you want to see pictures etc. from previous years you can at
> www.vastrepast.net click on the New Year's link.
> Eduardo
> PS - The theme this year is decadence!
> Diamond Fizz Champagne Cocktail
> A classic cocktail made with an Angostura Bitters sugar cube and fresh
> lemon
> peel garnished with Carambola
> Fois Gras, of Course
> Fois Gras with Lingonberry and Cassis Gastric topped with Himalayan Pink
> Mountain Salt
> Armagnac Soaked Prunes filled with Fois Gras Mousse
> Escargot three ways ­ Served with a 2006 Haystack Needle ­ The Eye
> a la Bourguignon
> Pesto Italiano
> Mushroom and Walddon Herb blend
> Mushroom Trio
> Porcini Marinated in Garlic and Olive Oil Served with a Vinaigrette Sorbet
> Chanterelle Mousseline topped with Maderia Jelly
> Truffle Egg Custard
> A Duet of Soups
> Lobster and Shrimp Bisque
> Vichyssoise
> Caviar, of Course ­ Served with an Ice Cold Shot of  Garlic Infused Vodka
> Beluga Caviar on a Roasted Potato with Crème Fraiche
> Red Caviar served on a Buckwheat Blini
> Wild Boar Belly Cassoulet with Haricort Tarbais, Housemade Duck Confit
> and Handcrafted Herb de Provence  Sausages smoked over apple wood ­ Served
> with a 2003 Sandhill Redmountain Merlot
> Classic Wedge Salad with Roquefort Dressing
> A Sorbet to Cleanse Your Palate
> Champagne, Persevered Lemon and Persian Saffron
> The Main Course ­ Served with a 2004 Sandhill Red Mountain Cabernet
> Sauvignon
> Fillet Mignon enrobed with Sauce Diane
> Lobster Tail with a dollop of Hollandaise Sauce
> Green Bean Bundles Wrapped in Bacon
> Cheese Course
> Port Poached Pear with Gorgonzola Gelato, a Rosemary Asiago Digestive
> and a Shaving of Parmegiana Regianno
> Dessert Duo ­ Served in the lounge
> Chocolate Decadence layered with Cheesecake dipped in Chocolate Ganache
> Bailey's Irish Creme Pot a crème

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