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Sun Dec 20 16:46:21 PST 2009

Was written:
> Feral hogs are also rampant throughout Texas.  They're mean and nasty and
> quite destructive to farms and ranches. Local ranchers shoot and trap them
> regularly to keep their numbers down.

This reminds me of a bit of SCA mythos, regarding The Twenty Year 
Celebration.   There were a lot of people in the east who thought that the 
site was desert and cactus.  The site was in east Texas and green but people
at Pennsic had been raised on westerns and they knew what Texas was, they
had seen it with their own two eyes up on the silver screen.    So
occasionally people from Ansteorra at Pennsic would feed them a line.

"Rattlesnakes, hell no you don't have to worry about them, the javalina take
care of them.  What you say you have never heard of javalinas?  Picture a
wild Russian boar distilled down to 45 pounds of pure evil meanness.  Hide
so thick a rattler can't bite through, darn fangs just break right off half
the time.  Sharp little hooves that stomp them rattlers to gobbly bits then
they snarf em right down lickety split.  Did I tell you they have great
curvy sharp tusks?  Well they do.  What's one little piggy you ask?  Well
let me tell you they don't just go around one at a time, no sir ree bob they
travel in packs.  It's the real reason cowboys wear heavy leather chaps."

With wild stories like that it was surprising that anyone east of the 
Mississippi came.


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