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Ummm no. Black is ripe and green is not. But both are harvested.

Found this while trying to look for Harry's green variety (presently have no


varieties but none say whether they are green or black when ripe.

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Olives can be green or black when they are ripe. Depends on the verity. They
still have to be "processed" in order to be edible, they are bitter till
then. You can processes them at home with a salt pack or salt water bath.



> On Dec 21, 2009, at 2:06 AM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> > Do you mean green olives as compared to the black ones? Or green as
opposed to ripe olives. I thought the difference between black and green
olives was due to different processing.
> Yes and no, mostly no. Canned black olives aren't ripe, or at least not
naturally so; they pretty much need to be unripe in order to be firm enough
to withstand the mechanical pitting process.
> However, olives can indeed ripen naturally on the tree (they still need
some processing, generally).
> > Does extracting olive oil not require ripe olives?

> No, usually it comes from green olives, it's my understanding. At least
that is what I STR Cato saying on the subject. I think it's supposed to have
a longer shelf-life, and possibly a better flavor, longer, if made that way.
> Adamantius

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