[Sca-cooks] OP - roast beef accompaniment

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
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Mustard Sauce - equal parts mustard (NOT fake yellow dog type, but dijon or brown work good) butter (the real thing) and vinegar (I like balsamic but Im strange ;-) melt it all together and whisk to emulsify (yes, this can be done in a nuker in the serving dish, melt your butter, add mustard and vinegar and whisk away)

tastes great on hard boiled eggs (aka eggs with mustard sauce) or pork too.

In Service
Gwen ewww cinnamon Cat
PS still looking for how to avoid oily marzipan suggestions (blotting the finished shape is ok, but how do I get the oil to NOT happen in the first place when kneading in the sugar and rosewater?

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> so here is what i am working on....
> cranberry sauce : turkey :: x : roast beef
> after years of pushing it around his plate, i finally find
> out dear heart is not that fond of horseradish (and the 
> accompanying sour cream) with his roast beef.
> anyone else have any ideas to fill in the equation?  i
> am 
> also toying with serving brussel sprouts w/ bacon and 
> vinegar, harvard beets, cauliflower gratin and some kind 
> of potato for the gravy.
> thanks
> cailte


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