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Mark Hendershott crimlaw at jeffnet.org
Mon Dec 21 16:15:05 PST 2009

Last year when I had the handful of olives I put them in a pint jar 
with a heavy salt brine.  Changed it a couple of times when a scum 
developed and waited six months.  Worked out pretty well.  The 
variety is small so the product was not impressive to see but they 
tasted good.  don't remember exactly what proportions of salt to water I used.


At 03:49 PM 12/21/2009, you wrote:
>Plachoya responded to the questions about olives with:
><<< Olives can be green or black when they are ripe. Depends on the
>verity. They still have to be "processed" in order to be edible, they
>are bitter till then. You can process them at home with a salt pack or
>salt water bath.>>>
>Thanks. Have you done this olive curing? I'd like to find out more
>about this salt pack or salt water bath curing process. This is the
>most info I've gotten so far when I've asked about how to process
>olives. Of course I'm not sure where I could buy raw olives.
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