[Sca-cooks] Horse Breeding OT But!... I know someone will know the answer...

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Tue Dec 22 00:05:27 PST 2009

FYI, the gorgeous black horse that Rutger Hauer rides in the movie 
Ladyhawke is a FRISIAN.  Definitely a medieval breed used by knights. 
See the Wiki article; the modern Frisian may be a bit lighter, but is 
the same height, as the medieval strain.

There is quite an interesting article at Wiki about "Horses in the 
Middle Ages"; the writers' point being that medieval sources didn't 
go by what we consider breeds, but by what type of work the animal 
was doing: destrier, rouncy, palfrey, etc.

Big discussion about size controversies, too.


>Soooo I am going to go ahead ask and please note I am looking for In 
>Period Info... But I also KNOW that if I want an answer to something 
>I can ask it here...
>Now let me preface this with I don't need Recipes, or full 
>dissertations... just either a quick list or a link to a website 
>that I can print out and take in for my boss...
>So YES Stefan this might be one of those times that you can spew 
>forth with the Flourilegium files.
>Ahem wow that was a long run on sentence eh?
>Now the question.
>What kinds of horses are period correct?  More specifically what 
>kinds were ridden by the Knights?  More importantly were.... 
>actually never mind that last question I just got the answer to that 
>one... But lets just for fun and giggles give my manager something 
>to really bop her boss on the head with.  So Ok folks fire away with 
>those two questions....
>But just for some motivation to help my boss out... Her Boss and she 
>were talking about Horses and The Morgan Horse came up and Mr 
>Knowitall pipes up with "you know, the ones the knights used to 
>ride."   Well my manager having seen and worked with Morgans argues 
>back that said horse is to small... but her boss is having nothing 
>to do with that side of the argument and is insisting that the 
>knights rode these damn things...
>BTW final answer uuuuurrrrrrnnnnnhhhhhh Wrong The Morgan Horse is an 
>American Breed So NOPE The only knights that could ride those horses 
>would be our Modern Knights.
>So she totally has this one in the bag and doesn't know it yet... 
>However she wants to really drive this one home... seems she never 
>gets to win an argument with this man.  And Yes I will warn her to 
>apologize after she has won the argument... lol
>So Who wants to help out?
>Thanks in advance.
>PS Master A I Look forward to your answer... lol since you have 
>answered almost every other weird assed question I have thrown out 
>PSS I  strongly suspect that some of our Knights will be able to answer.
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