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* grin*
"Brown mustard made up with clear vinegar/ is also good." (Thank you
GwenCat) this goes over well with Roast Beef in our house.

No, really, grind some brown mustard seed and add white wine vinegar.

I also like the cinnamon mustard from  The Viandier of Taillevent (13th
century), translated by Terence Scully:
Take mustard, red wine, cinnamon powder and enough sugar, and let
everything steep together. It should be thick like cinnamon. It is good
for any roast.
Credit: The Viandier of Taillevent, edited by Terence Scully. (Ottawa:
University of Ottawa Press, 1988)

But that won't work for you.

We discovered a cool sauce that my horseradish-reactive Dear One likes:
Nip'n'tang-- fruited horseradish sauce.
We like it so much we'll probably buy some at full price when our discount
store jars run out.
Sarah was resistant to the idea when I saw it in the discount store, but
after we tried it on pork, chicken and beef, she ended up taking the end
of one jar into work with her!

> Mustard Sauce - equal parts mustard (NOT fake yellow dog type, but dijon
> or brown work good) butter (the real thing) and vinegar (I like balsamic
> but Im strange ;-) melt it all together and whisk to emulsify (yes, this
> can be done in a nuker in the serving dish, melt your butter, add mustard
> and vinegar and whisk away)
> tastes great on hard boiled eggs (aka eggs with mustard sauce) or pork
> too.
> In Service
> Gwen ewww cinnamon Cat
> PS still looking for how to avoid oily marzipan suggestions (blotting the
> finished shape is ok, but how do I get the oil to NOT happen in the first
> place when kneading in the sugar and rosewater?
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>> so here is what i am working on....
>> cranberry sauce : turkey :: x : roast beef
>> after years of pushing it around his plate, i finally find
>> out dear heart is not that fond of horseradish (and the
>> accompanying sour cream) with his roast beef.
>> anyone else have any ideas to fill in the equation?&#160; i
>> am
>> also toying with serving brussel sprouts w/ bacon and
>> vinegar, harvard beets, cauliflower gratin and some kind
>> of potato for the gravy.
>> thanks
>> cailte
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