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Ilsebet asked:
<<< What I need help with is the cheese sauce for the cauliflower. >>>

Glancing ahead I've noticed several people suggested Digbie's Savory  
Tosted Cheese, aka Cheese Goo.

You can find numerous interpretations of this recipe in this  
Florilegium file:
cheese-goo-msg    (44K) 10/31/06  Digby's Savory Tosted cheese. melted  

This would be good. However, there are other period cheese sauces and  
since I think Savory Tosted Cheese, much as I like it, is perhaps  
being overdone and the other cheese sauces being overlooked. There are  
several other cheese sauces in that file including this one:

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 >Kael asked:
 >> and a spread of some sort

You might want to look at Zabarbada of fresh cheese (Miscellany).
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Zabarbada of Fresh Cheese
Andalusian p. A-13

Take fresh cheese, clean it, cut it up and crumble it; take fresh  
and onion, chop and throw over the cheese, stir and add spices and  
shake the pot with two tablespoons of oil and another of water and salt,
then throw this mixture in the pot and put on the fire and cook; when  
it is
cooked, take the pot from the fire and thicken with egg and some flour  

8 oz farmer's cheese
1 t cumin
1 T water
1 c loosely packed chopped green coriander = 1 oz
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t salt
2 onions = 6 oz
1/2 t pepper
1 egg
1 t ground coriander seed
2 T oil
2-3 T flour

Mix together cheese, green coriander, onion, and spices. Put oil,  
water and
salt in a large frying pan or a dutch oven; shake to cover the bottom.  
in the cheese mixture and cook on medium-high to high about 3 minutes,
stirring almost constantly, until the mixture becomes a uniform goo.  
from heat, stir in egg, sprinkle on flour and stir in, serve forth. It  
up as a sort of thick dip, good over bread. It is still good when cold.

We have also used cheddar, feta, mozzarella and ricotta; all came out  
although with the feta it was a little salty, even with the salt in the
recipe omitted. Some cheeses will require more flour to thicken it; the
most we used was 1/2 cup.


PS: Shortly this file and all the cheese and dairy files will be  
moving from the Florilegium FOOD section to the new FOOD-DAIRY section.
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