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Oh, I know. I have heard all of the claims. But, there are people who will not let go of an idea, no matter how many facts you hit them with. That is why I said setting aside the question of whether or not it was even Period. 
Well, its Period to Victorian Times, anyway. 


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You might start here 
On Dec 23, 2009, at 12:37 PM, Chawkswrth at aol.com wrote: 
> Let us say that the Event Stewart comes to you and requests a Feast > based on the poem/song, the 12 days of Christmas for a 12th Night > Event for a many months in the Future Date. 
> Setting aside the possible Non-Period question, as well as budget > concerns, what would you do with it? 
> And what the heck is a Calling Bird? 
> I will admit that I would be tempted to prepare a roast duck with a > toy telephone tucked under a wing.... 
> Thank you! Helen 
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